The motif is “ga” in paintings and “sha” in photographs.
The named Gasha series is

Based on RYUJIN's various social issues and SDGs
Incorporated into the work as art
Brand series.


Various items with women as a motif
These sandals are inspired by the paintings of Alphonse Mucha, who created advertising media for companies.
This is a work that depicts how modern women survive and survive across the world.

GASYA-French Revolution-

Works depicting the July Revolution,
These sandals are inspired by "The Statue of Liberty, who leads the people."
It depicts people gaining freedom through a revolutionary fight.
Even in modern times, many people die in wars.

GASYA-Snow Leopard-

"Fantastic animals" until the 1980s
From the snow leopard, which was said to be
Inspired sandals.
It is also currently on the red list.
There are currently many species in danger of extinction.
This work was created with the hope that it would be an opportunity to become more aware of the environment.