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Gasha - Snow Leopard - [Limited quantity]

Gasha - Snow Leopard - [Limited quantity]

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【Description of item】

These zori sandals are inspired by the snow leopard, whose appearance and biology were shrouded in mystery until the 1980s, when it was considered a "mythical animal."
The snow leopard's biological environment continues to deteriorate and poaching continues, and the estimated population of snow leopards as of 2021 is approximately 4,000.
The Red List category is VU (Vulnerable to Extinction). There are many species other than snow leopards that are in danger of extinction.
This is a work that incorporates our desire to raise awareness and awareness of endangered animals as part of the SDGs , which is also our brand philosophy.


■Free size (adjustable with shoelaces) 

・Stand length: 24.5cm 

・Base width: 8.5cm 

・Length from toe to heel: 20.5cm 

・Bottom back length: 22.5cm 

・Bottom back width: 7cm 

・Toe height: 5cm 

・Heel height: 9cm 

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